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FFG Star Wars – Spielhilfen

Diese Spielhilfen sollte jeder GM während einer Session parat haben:

Namen, Namen, Namen

Das Star Wars Universum ist lebendig und voller Geschichte, daher sollte jede Figur spontan benannt werden können!

Namen für Planeten

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Advanced Slicing – House rules for the Edge of the Empire RPG

In the roleplaying system „Star Wars – Edge of the Empire“ slicing of a whole computer systems is realized as a single skill check on Computers (Intellect).

This document contains suggestions for house rules that make slicing a computer system more challenging and more fun. Typical encounters using these rules target on copying, stealing or modifying data, controlling remote systems (video cameras, spring guns, garbage compactors, …), disable communication and many more.

January 2015 – new version V 0.2!

Download: Advanced_Slicing_V0.2(PDF, 135 KB)

Version history:

0.12014-02-24first version
0.22015-01-27small corrections

Example: Personal Computer Terminal
Objective: Copy DATA-c without a trace

Advanced Slicing Example

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